Hindi Baton Cap™ MX batons-Monadnock

    Hindi Baton Cap™ MX batons

    • Black Steel Alloy

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      Tested and proven to be the most effective baton accessory to date. Offers unparalleled advantages during physical altercations and is recommended by numerous police agencies, top trainers and use-of-force experts.

      • Allows the hand to quickly identify and locate baton in holder
      • Reliable baton grip to protect from slippage or loss during draw
      • Provides a better grip after the draw, before expanding the baton
      • Maximum retention - helps prevent baton loss when baton expands open

      The Hindi Baton Cap™ offers these additional advantages when confronted with a physical altercation.

      • Unsurpassed grip retention during momentum of baton swing or force of impact
      • Provides added length to baton, eliminating the standard method of choking up on the baton handle
      • Offers maximum striking power and increased leverage
      • Allows more consistency in striking distance and target accuracy

      The unique design Hindi Baton Cap™ offers a safer, more effective striking capacity.

      • Larger surface area produces a greater energy transfer for maximum striking effectiveness
      • Smooth, round surface will not penetrate, rip or tear the skin
      • Safer to the suspect without limiting the use of force
      • Safer, more effective striking alternative in the escalation or de-escalation of force
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