About Us

FOUNDED IN 1956 BY MR. JEROME S. SOME, OVERSEAS VETERAN OF WWII CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION, MARCH 16, 1956 SOME'S UNIFORMS WORLD-WIDE U.S.A. IS A MAJOR SUPPLIER OF UNIFORMS, BADGES, INSIGNIA, PATCHES AND ALL ACCESSORY ITEMS TO OUTFIT THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE UNIFORMED OFFICER. Whether the dress code is for dress up or field service, our specifications contain the updated technology of fabrics and designs to fit the purpose of usage. The need for security personnel has increased to a new high peak. The proper uniform and identity system that is applied to each garment is recognized as an official protector to secure any situation. Our client base covers the entire USA, World-Wide Governments and Security Services for Government Agencies, Police and Military Uniforms, Security Uniforms are also present at Colleges/Universities, Hospitals, Resorts, Banks, Airports and wherever there is a presence of public activity where a uniformed look is required. Take advantage of our in-stock inventory. Large amounts of inventory are in our warehouse to insure prompt service. Many designs, fabrics and colors as shown in the Some's catalog and website (www.somes.com) are available to avoid delivery delay. Film/TV/Stage Industry; has taken advantage of the over-runs of uniforms made for Police and other related agencies that are available for immediate delivery. Our uniforms are present in the major movies that are viewed by the public worldwide. Some's has the experience by our past performance to provide the dress-up for uniform officers. We recognize that there can be no delay which requires an officer to be dressed for duty. We have documentation from Worldwide Peace Keeping Missions that have commended this company for performance by completing and delivering their Uniform requirements highly satisfactory. Some's Uniforms Inc., takes pride in meeting our commitments with honor. Administrative Office: Chief Executive Officer: Andrea Some Chief Operating Officer. Heschel Some Director of Sales: Jason Some Administrative Exec: Lily Rivera Art Director/Web Content: Duane Kelly Customer Credits Law Enforcement Agencies including: State, County, Municipal Police, Sheriff Departments and Industrial. Who we service: Foreign Government and U.S. Territory agencies including: Samoa, Mariana Islands, Panama, Virgin Islands, Trinidad, Palau, Liberia, Saudi Arabia, Antigua. Movie, TV, Stage Productions rely on prompt delivery to meet their camera schedules. Products Uniforms / Accesories: Airline, EMT, Fireman, Police, Sheriffs, Military, Security, Transportation, Industrial, Hotels, Hospitals. Medals / Insignias Worn with Pride! Medals and decorations for deeds of valor and service in-stock for immediate delivery. Embroidery Division Embroidery facility on premise, producing specials designed patches and direct embroidery to processed orders. Engraving Division Engraving facility on premise, enabling immediate delivery of nameplates. Tailoriing Division Tailoring on premise to apply special required trim for prompt service. Quotation Division Administrative assistance to provide up-dated pricing on all products. Shipping / Export Division Daily freight forwarder service to the U.S. and World-Wide market. Catalog Division Catalog and brochures are available upon official letterhead request, for overnight delivery service, we will required your preferred carrier account number ie; FedEx, DHL, etc.